Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Rainbow Of Color

     So, I was cruising Pinterest looking for some inspiration and guess what?! I found some (imagine that lol). Although my creation didn't turn out as good as the original I'm going to share anyway. This is the mani I will use for my Monkey See Monkey Do challenge on Monday. 

You will need a brush for this mani. The original used a striping brush, but I used a craft brush with a fine tip. 

First (as always) here are the colors I used:

You start out with a base coat of black. Mine is Sinful Colors: Black on Black. It is a one coat polish. I loved it!

You then you put a dab of each color on a surface of your choice. (I used a plastic cutting board.) Make sure to leave the polishes open because you'll need to dab more as you go and don't put too much down because it will dry on you and get stringy.

Then with your paint brush make lines starting at the base of you nail, but leaving some black at the tip. Here is the brush I used. It's just a regular brush that came in a pack I bought at my local Wal~Mart.

After my stripes had dried I added some stars to the tips and a space ship on an accent nail. I used Konad white stamping polish and Cheeky plate CH4.

I threw some glitter on my accent nail, put on a top coat, and voila your finished.

Here is the link from Pinterest picturing the original mani:

As I mentioned it's not as good as the original, but I'm still happy with it. I did notice I need to work on my clean up skills. lol

Thanks for reading. See you soon.   :p



  1. I think it looks gorg! I must buy some sinful colors cleaning up sucks too, it always looks good until I take a pic and I notice all the flaws! Very cute mani. I am repinning from your board. :)