Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gradient Nails....

    There's a Facebook group called "Adventures in Stamping" that does weekly challenges and one of the challenges to vote on this week was gradient nails. I had never done a gradient before so I watched a couple of YouTube videos and gave it a try. Most of the videos show people using make-up sponges. I on the other hand didn't have any (I'm not into foundation all that jazz) so I tried by just painting them into a gradient.

First off, here are the colors I used:

The first step I did was paint my whole nail with the light color. I know it is a pink and my other two colors are purple, but I didn't have any light purple and it ended up working well with the other colors. I only used 1 coat of the light color.

The second step was to add the medium shade (or the lighter purple) to the nail. Only paint about 3/4 of the nail NOT the whole nail. Also only do one coat.

The next step is to add another coat of the medium shade, but leave a small "line" of the first coat of the medium shade unpainted. (Remember to let your nails dry between coats.) Then repeat the process one more time. You should be getting a layer effect at this point.

I promise there is an end in sight. lol Now, take the dark shade and add one "line" at the tip of the nail. (I actually did two coats when I did this step.)

At this point I was NOT impressed with my work. It looked uneven and messy and I just wasn't feeling it. Then I added the glitter polish. I don't know why, but the glitter polish pulled it together. (Probably because you couldn't see how choppy it looked.) So, now add your the glitter, girls!

See, glitter makes EVERY thing better! :) 

I'd like to say that this was the end of my adventure. That the sun was shining and I skipped off into a field of wild flowers. Unfortunately, it's not :( I decided in all my brilliance to stamp some designs onto my nails. 

My first color is:

I used Red Angels RA-102 for my first stamp.

Okay, not too bad. Still looks alright. Then in another act of pure brilliance I added another stamp. 

This is the color I used:

I added the dragon fly from Konad plate M5.

Needless to say neither of the designs showed up very well and it just looks too busy or crowded or something. 

Though, I may not have been happy with the final outcome. I think my first try at a gradient nail turned out pretty good. It is something I will definitely try again. 

Thanks for reading. See you again soon. :p


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