Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Image Plates!!!

    Guess what ladies?! I received some Nail Mail today! That's right the Cheeky plates I ordered came in this morning. Of course with a band new set of plates sitting there I couldn't help but stamp. (Even though I have two challenges this week and a wedding on Saturday.)  With that being said this should be short and sweet.

In the mail today I received Cheeky's 2012 collection.

Here is the link from Amazon if you're interested:

I didn't test ALL the images, but the plates are good quality and everything I did stamp stamped GREAT. I recommend these to all my fellow stampers.

So, after looking through all 26 plates and 160 designs this is what I ended up with.

Now, while you're sitting there enjoying my creative genius (lol) get on Amazon and order your plates. They come in a timely manner and they stamp wonderfully. 

Thanks for reading. See you soon.  :p


  1. Those plate are really cute and love your stamping :)

  2. Yei, towys to play with! :D I may consider buying cheeky plates as weel lol but obly after Bundle monster and DRK-B i guess :)I liked your manicure as well :)**