Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Butterfly Wings

    I've seen LOTS of mani's with butterfly wings, but hadn't attempted it yet. Then like someone was reading my mind Lace and Lacquer shared a tutorial from Nail-Art-101 that really broke down this mani and I thought well let's give it a try. 

I'm going to warn you my attempt did not turn out the greatest, but with a little more practice and a different paint brush I think I'll improve.

In the tutorial they used yellow and orange as a base (like a Monarch butterfly), but I wanted to put my own spin on it so I used pink and purple. 

Here are the polishes I used (you know I have to show you this first. It's how I roll. lol)

From left to right: LA Colors Tease, NYC Purple Pizzazz, Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Wet 'n' Wild Fast Dry The Yellow Years ( I know I don't normally name my colors, but I think this is good practice and will try my best to do so from now on.)

After a base of Tease I sponged on Purple Pizzazz.

I then painted on my wings with Black on Black and used a dotting tool to add dots to the tip of the wings in The Yellow Years. 

Since I'm right handed and have NO control with my left hand I decided to stamp on my right hand. I used a Cheeky and Red Angel plate.

I stamped using Konad Yellow and Konad Black and the glitter I added to both hands is Sally Hansen Xtreme Rockstar Pink.

This is what I came up with for my left hand:

I've linked both Lace and Lacquers and the Nail-Art-101 so don't forget to check them both out. The Nail-Art-101 has a GREAT tutorial for the butterfly wings. Also, don't forget to check out my blog list there are some amazing nail artists blogging out there.

Thanks for reading. See you soon.  :p

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  1. aw, it's nice. Having done one recently, my observation is that your dotted bit is at the top and it should be more of 45 degree angle. This is such a simple but effective mani tho xxx

  2. Thanks for the advice on the dotting tool. I've had very little experience with them. You are right I was using the top.

  3. cute!!! I love you rocked two different looks on each hand!

  4. I like the two different looks.